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WiFi: Whose fault is it: Windows 8 or Intel

by admin

After the release of Windows 8, I, like many people, bought a license for my Dell Vostro laptop.
I quickly got used to the interface and liked it very much. Except for one thing: I had hangs now and then, not related to any programs. The war was fought to the death. Long tests, lots of solutions found – nothing worked. Even an official complaint to Microsoft support did not solve anything.
Laptop hangs in three ways :
1) The interface works, or rather the mouse crawls and shows the bezels on the buttons. However, any action causes the software to freeze.
2) The screen does not wake up – shows black after opening the cover.
3) After passing the Windows logo when booting the system from hibernation or sleep mode, the system hangs like option 2.
In all cases, the hard drive indicator stops blinking altogether.
When the freezes got really bad and bad timing, I was ready to roll back to Windows 7, because the problem was not there…
But first I decided to conduct a series of experiments.
Each time, after each hangup, I shut down one device at a time.
I’ve tried many things, from disabling dual-core emulation to regular Bluetooth (which I haven’t used in principle).
The last thing I figured out was Intel’s WiFi.
Four days, flight normal. Not a single hiccup. Calm exit from hibernation and sleep mode. Working from the wire.
The epiphany didn’t come right away. So yesterday I went to the Intel website to research the problem…
Windows 8 does not support the Intel ProSet application – creating, editing and deleting WiFi profiles. Which is convenient. When you upgrade Windows 7 to 8, everyone gets a requirement to uninstall this application.
It’s frustrating, frustrating, but okay…
But then there are problems because … Intel has not released drivers for Windows 8 for its WiFi cards built into the laptop.
Even if there are drivers on Intel’s site that say they are supposedly suitable for Windows 8, you can’t select Windows 8 from the list of operating systems.
Solution to this problem? Disassemble the laptop and insert another manufacturer’s card, or use an external WiFi card or wire like I did.
Too bad the laptop turns into a semi-permanent, however, it does allow you to run Windows 8 in the future and wait for a patch that solves the problem.

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