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Will Google Pagerank be revoked?

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"During November of this year, Google plans to make dramatic changes to four elements of its search engine and AdSense program, " an unofficial source has learned THE GOOGLE RUMOR MILL According to this source, they will be aimed at suppressing the Blackhat-SEO, PR-stalking and AdSense sticking. But first things first:
First, Google PR (PageRank) will be canceled. All toolbar PageRank data will be reset and will not be restored. Presumably this will be done in mid-November, with the release of Google Toolbar version 4.2, which will use the so-called VR (visitor rating) from now on. Google VR will use a Digg-like system with voting buttons on the Google Toolbar.
Secondly, when you click on an AdSense ad, a form will pop up with a warning that the link is paid for, and with the options "Go" and "Do Not Go". And only with the surfer’s consent will the link be clicked.
It gets even more interesting.
Third, Google will remove all data about backlinks and the link operator itself, which helped monitor them. It won’t be in Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools either.
And fourth, Google introduces a new operator "dofollow". Now only those links that have this operator will be indexed and taken into account by the search bot.
Sources : Google Rumor Mill and SEO-News
There’s no official word on this. So it’s all at the level of gossip. But if it happens, it will have a bombshell effect. Personally, I think a lot of it is a bit far-fetched, especially the fourth point.

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