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Writing an AIR application in 5 minutes

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There is almost no coverage of Adobe AIR technology on the hubra. In my opinion, it is in vain, as the project is very interesting. Not only does it allow us to create web applications for desktops, but also it is multiplatform. Recently in its blog I wrote article about developing applications for AIR. With this article I want to show that developing for AIR is easy.
I was curious about the labor involved in developing software for Air. The SDK and development tools are available for download on Adobe’s website. You can download the SDK either separately or as an extension to Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. But the most convenient way, in my opinion, is to install Aptana Studio. Aptana is based on Eclipse. The Air SDK is plugged in by a plugin, as it is done with the Android SDK and ACCESS Linux Platform. Naturally, nothing prevents you from plugging in a plugin for the Air SDK and just in Eclipse. This is a nice thing to do. Eclipse is becoming, in fact, the standard for software development for very different systems. It is doubly nice that this integrated development environment is cross-platform and exists for all modern desktop operating systems.
As an object for the experiment I chose Google Reader. I have one of the most popular web applications and it is the best way to put it in a separate application. I don’t even need to make my own interface, the basic features of Google Readerare good enough.
You can download a special edition of Aptana Studio with Air support here Once installed and running on the start screen, Aptana will prompt you to download and install the Air plugin. In case you are using the standard edition of Eclipse, you will need to install the plugin manually. To do this in Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install Enter path for finding plugin :
After installation you can create a new project ( File -> New -> Project ). Choose the AIR Project type and use a simple wizard to create an HTML application.
Writing an AIR application in 5 minutes
Writing an AIR application in 5 minutes
Actually, the workpiece is ready. It remains only to edit the HTML file. In my case, in the file GooReadAir.html I wrote the following :
Google Reader
That's all there is to it. You can run the application directly from Aptana or make a ready air-package. To create a package, right-click on the project and select Export.
Writing an AIR application in 5 minutes
The GooReadAir app is ready. You can install and run it. You can see the result in the screenshot:
Writing an AIR application in 5 minutes
Unfortunately, you can't attach files to your posts on hubra. That's why you can download the source code of the project and the ready AIR package by following this link.

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