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Yandex refused to verify and refute news articles from their “top news”

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Yandex refused to verify and refute news articles from their "top news"
Earlier, State Duma deputies were outraged that Yandex’s top information remained unchanged
The logical continuation of this news post on Habra : " State Duma to find out why fake news is at the top of Yandex ".
According to the news agency " Interfax ":
August 15, 2019 Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that the Duma Council on August 19 will discuss the situation with the promotion of fake news in the top of Yandex." We cannot allow our citizens to be made hostages of fake news.The principles of freedom of speech and information should not be used to spread fake news and create a fictitious agenda "" he said.
Thus, the State Duma was outraged that in the top "Yandex.Novosti" news about the intention of deputies to ban the use of old cars remained after it was refuted.In this regard, the Duma United Russia spoke out in support of the law project of deputy Anton Gorelkin, who proposed Limit foreign participation in news aggregators and other "significant information resources"
Response from Yandex
"Yandex" considers the existing legislation on the regulation of news aggregators to be sufficient, the company’s press service said.
Service "Yandex.Novosti" there called the delivery channel of news from the media to readers and said that the delivery channel is not obliged to check and edit other people’s content
" If a delivery channel is required to verify, edit, and refute content, it ceases to be a delivery channel "interference in the content of other media outlets is impossible, as long as Yandex.Novosti remains an aggregator, Yandex said.The service cannot take on the function of refuting other people’s content.
" A scenario where Yandex News itself becomes a media outlet seems to us to be a loser for the entire Russian media industry At the same time, all media outlets that are sources of Yandex.News already have a mechanism for "withdrawing" this or that headline in the event that the media outlet considers the news to be irrelevant, " the press service recalled.
Yandex also recalled the 2016 law on news aggregators.
It’s obliges the service to take news only from registered publications and broadcast media and exempts the aggregator from responsibility for the content of publications
Meanwhile, Kommersant, citing a source familiar with the situation, claims that Yandex, among others, is considering the option of completely shutting down Yandex News.
A day earlier, Yandex’s press service explained that Yandex.News has no editorial office and that the service processes news sources automatically
As a result, it turned out that the news about the proposal of deputy Alfia Kogogina to discuss the ban on the use of old cars was published by many media, but the refutation and clarification of Kogogina were noticed by few, and Yandex’s top simply reflected the picture of the day created by the media.
History of Yandex.Novosti service work with media
On October 20, 2016 "Yandex" informed partners about changes in the terms of information cooperation with companies. Now in the top 5 Russian news on the main page of Yandex, on the main page of Yandex.News, as well as in the news stories, regional and thematic headings only information that word-for-word reproduces reports of officially registered media outlets will be published , follows from a letter read by Vedomosti. The rest of the reports will only be available to users if they use the search engine.
In a letter to partners, Yandex refers to new restrictions in the law for news aggregators that will take effect on January 1, 2017.
The corresponding amendments were adopted by the State Duma in the summer of 2016, the legislation introduced the concept of "news aggregators" – Internet resources that collect, process and distribute information with a daily audience of more than 1 million unique users.
The most famous of them in Russia are Yandex.News and Google News. Since 2017, such aggregators are responsible for the information they distribute, with the exception of that which reproduces verbatim the messages of the media officially registered in Russia.
After the adoption of these amendments, the former head of the service Yandex. Tatyana Isayeva said that the aggregator would have to give up working with "unlicensed media in Russia" (apparently meaning media without registration in Russia).
At the time, a representative of the company could not specify how many non-media partners Yandex.Novosti had. "Yandex does not require partners to provide information on media registration in Russia, he explained at the time.
Now the situation will change : When signing a new agreement on information cooperation with Yandex, the company must provide a copy of the media registration certificate or an agreement on the export of information signed with the media , follows a letter from the search engine.

Yandex refused to verify and refute news articles from their "top news"

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