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YouTube now supports panoramic videos

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3 years ago in Runet The post first panoramic (with the ability to view in 360 degrees) Russian-language video – it was the video for the song Yes Future! from NoizeMC. Just recently, YouTube finally started support uploading panoramic videos, and the video appeared on the artist’s channel. Viewing works in the Chrome browser.
The video can be scrolled to either side, as if it were a Google Street View view. But it’s not a statically scanned image, it’s a moving sequence of frames with sound. So how do you make videos like this?
YouTube is compatible with cameras Bublcam , Giroptic’s 360cam , IC Real Tech’s Allie , Kodak’s SP360 and Ricoh Theta They look different.
YouTube now supports panoramic videos

YouTube now supports panoramic videos

Ricoh Theta
Most likely the video above authored by director Mikhail Prikhodko was shot with one of these cameras, or the necessary metadata was added later. Usually such cameras do not have a full all-round view both vertically and horizontally. Very often it is impossible to completely eliminate the tripod. In the NoizeMC video, you can clearly see the blind spot that is in the original upload. on 360video.ru was nicely covered State seal of quality Apparently, it was impossible to do such a thing on “YouTube”, so the usual pentagon is painted on this place.
Sometimes instead of off-the-shelf solutions, GoPro camera bodies are used for well-established GoPro cameras. For example, this sample requires 7 HD cameras. It is printed on a 3D printer made of nylon.
YouTube now supports panoramic videos

Of course, is already there porn in the form of circular videos, but very often there is no 3D effect in such pornoramas. This means that if you watch the video with virtual reality glasses, there will be no presence effect. But there are ways to achieve stereo imaging.
YouTube now supports panoramic videos

Horizontally it will be true 3D, and vertically it is suggested to make do with the 2D effect. There’s option , which provides 3D in the vertical as well.
Working with 7-14 GoPro cameras is a challenge not an easy task : Every single one of them needs to be set up properly, charge their batteries, and prepare their memory cards. If something goes wrong with even one, the work is lost. Although there are solutions for GoPro that include several cameras at once, sometimes there are failures related to the speed of recording to the memory cards as well. Therefore, processing can produce noticeable artifacts, especially when trying to make 3D video for virtual reality glasses.
Then the resulting array of data (which must be distributed without errors) is stitched together with the help of specialized software. This can be CamMan packages, PTGui , Video-Stitch , Video Pano Pro, Kolor AVP, and so on. Note that some programs are designed to create panoramas, so each frame in them will have to be processed separately.
YouTube now supports panoramic videos

Since the inclusion of panoramic video support on YouTube, there have been a huge number of such videos. More technical information is available at https://github.com/google/spatial-media/blob/master/docs/spherical-video-rfc.md , also ready script to add correct metadata to any clip.

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